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. jerry brown propose this went from eight in the race to second place. he would have run if he did not name jesse jackson as the running mate. the democrats started it. lou: i meant. [laughter] that jerry brown went on that way word path. >> you never know about jerry. lou: there is the problem. >> we do know about this president but we don't know about governor romney. shame on his staff. he is then with than wonder two points of the ed dead heat. should he start talking about leadership or focus on the economy? >> he should not be apologetic. tax cuts come up broaden the base, all of them, everybody pay my tax rate, i get the economy going, i want everyone to make what i did. the obama rate is the same as mitt romney. the problem is jobs and output and if you need more investment. lou: do you think everybody is prepared to be adults? governor romney, the republicans and democrats to talk about what it means the business practices followed, over $1 trillion. absolutely withdrawn because these are agnostic these companies are american corporations. they're absolutely destructive to
that governor jerry brown signed into law just last night. the measure makes an estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants eligible to drive legally in california if they qualify for the obama administration federal work permit program imposed by executive order. no other state has enacted a simir law. new revelations tonight. members of the obama administration had met with mexican government officials roughly 30 times. the purpose of those meetings, to promote food stamp youth -- use among mexican immigrants. the meeting was disclosed by agriculture secretary tom bell said in a letter to senator jeff sessions to rais questions about the need for such a promotional program back in july according to the senator the number of legal non-citizens on food stamps has quadrupled since 2001. more than doubled since president obama took office. roughly one half million people. amoco industry says restoration hardware not only copy the company's best-selling chair, it stole the name as well. a manufacturer based in hanover, pennsylvania. the company's navy chair, there it is, one design awards as includ
? sea turtle. what's your bedtime? do you believe in space aliens? ...i love puppies. hash browns or home fries? home fries. do you like my dress? why can't you guys ask good questions like this? [ morgan ] for a chance to interview an nfl player... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. tracy: okay. so are domestic workers entitled to overtime pay, meal, and rest breaks? jerry brown doesn't think so. he vetoed the bill last night. his state is not the only one trying to pass the bill. back to getting healthier on the controversial issue. i can see both sides to the story though. ashley: yeah. >> okay, so jerry brown nixes this. that gives you an idea how difficult it would be to implement. think about it. you're a mom. how in the heck do you schedule regular breaks because that's what the bill calls for. the organization behind it at the national domestic workers alliance is seeking similar legislation. what they want are regular working conditions, improved conditions, overtime pay, meal breaks for people providing child care, and cleaning houses, and so i think it'
. these are highest percentage of people under the poverty line. stuart: you know, fworn brown has signed legislation which would force employers, who do not now offer a private pension plan to offer a private pension plan. charles: and we always talk about looking at greece. we always talk about looking at portugal and spain. we don't have to look at that far to see what happens-- >> you're right. i lived in california. i got my start in california. and this is the late 1970's. gretchen: i was educated in california. i loved the palm trees. stuart: who would have thought in the 1970's, who would have thought it would become a petry dish for socialism in three out of four districts in the united states and doing it themselves. gretchen: by the way, i wasn't there in the '70s, i gotcha. [laughter] >> i was there in the golden age. charles: 2005 she was there. gretchen: no, but it wasn't the '70s. stuart: all right, everybody, back to the november election, please. president obama still has the lead over mitt romney in most of the polls. the president's appearances on shows like "the view" give mimm a
of federal mediators the league has temporarily lifted the lockout so officials can work the ravens browns game in baltimore tonight. it's an eight-year deal that takes the refs through the 2019 season. some pension reforms that the owners wanted, nice pay increases for the refs, hitting $200,000 a season in 2019. remember, these are mostly part-timers; right? and to give the owners some flexibility in benching refs it deems underperforming. the league will have the option to start hiring its own officials. nfl commissioner roger goodell said the agreement supports long-term reforms that will make officiating better. the teams players fans want and deserve both consistency and quality officiating. one football great says after the blown calls by the replacement officials, the league had to cut a deal. >> they were doing all right until they put the replacement referees in. it was a debacle. it was an embarrassment. they had to cave because the game was being compromised. peter: the refs will vote on the agreement friday and saturday will be back on the fields for sunday's games. dagen and
. and example. if their religion is liberalism this is a jar of the cs? -- feces. no. it is brown plato. they got the point*. but in all seriousness i need to be censored for my first amendment right but they are not? i know the real fascist. i should put this on e-bay and make a fortune. lou: free-speech. but what one does not like is more speech. bad art is more bad art. >> they were offended. actually. lou: you are being modest. i think this is masterful art to. >> and honestly say i have not seen a piece of art like that before. the president is at the height of hypocrisy with his actions. it is deplorable. lou: with religious preference and sensibility the president has steamrolled with contraception, abortion, rel igious preference, unless you happen to be muslim. >> certainly there is a tremendous double standard. this president picks and chooses. he showed no hesitation with his rules to force religious organizations to cover contraception which it is in opposition of direct teachings of the catholic church. lou: looking at the polls, which despite everything even the conflict o
about suffering, let's talk about the cleveland brown's. melissa: all right, that's all the money that we have today. "the willis report" is coming up next. you guys are the best. gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis for the candidates are prepping for the first debate just over 24 hours from now. if you look at the headlines, it looks like the media is already calling president obama the winner. even before he and mitt romney were on stage. joining me now is the democratic strategist, editor for the national review. i can't think of two people better to talk about this issue. i going to start with you. the first debate is already over. his style, president obama, in his gop challenger needs to shine in the debate. what do you say? >> well, so much for the expectations game. the media doesn't pick winners, voters pick winners. that is why we have elections. they are smart enough to understand opinions and facts and all of that. they are really good at filtering it out. after all the early voting that is done, 9:00 o'clock on the west coast, it is the voters that have the las
, california governor jerry brown. paving the way for a bill that establishes safety regulations for the people. it took place at will's headquarters. developing the driverless technology with gps systems to operate. google's driverless cars have lot more than 300,000 miles already. the government seems to have a tent and almost everything these days, including your child's food. michele obama pushing a new health initiative in public schools. feels like hummus and broccoli and salad. kids are creating a market for lunch, joining me now is the founder and ceo of the education action group foundation. why are we wasting money on these progrs? >> we have bureaucrats who believe that they know what is best. they pass these regulations but what government schools will feed children. what we are seeing is a culture shock, kids are used to hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken nuggets and those sorts of things, and now they are being force-fed hummus and all of the other things you're talking about. cheryl: here is the problem here is that the government's responsibility were the parents responsibility
. new developments tonight. the stories we've been covering. first, whether you are a browns fan or a ravens fan, the big cheers tonight maybe for the referees. it ended the nfl lockout for the officials. the substitute referees being loudly criticized by fans, including president obama for blown calls, including one outcome by monday night's game. nfl commissioner roger giselle apologizing to the fans. >> the labor management disputes and negotiations are difficult. what is most difficult about it is you have the two parties, but you have a lot of parties outside of the room. they get impacted by a comment including our fans. we are sorry to bring the general public and friends through that. ashley: by the way from the national hockey league canceling its entire preseason schedule due to failed contract talks with the players. also, american airlines firing back at the pilots. despite a canceled and delayed flights this month. the union says, no, there is no organized slowdown. this stems from american airlines, which is under bankruptcy protection, canceling union contracts is
but it was a big deal, winning the game 23-16 over the browns. this is actually a funny story, reports say the nba overall flopping by the players, basketball players pretend they're playing soccer now work on finalizing procedures to trick the referees into calling fouls even though nobody hits them. soccer is ridiculous. the thing they're thinking about is a procedure that would probably be a postgame review of the play by the league office rather than calling it during the game. taking a flop. connell: all right. dagen: forget the fed. connell: dennis and cheryl will talk to the former u.s. ambassador john bolton about all of this. the call with the israeli prime minister today, big speech yesterday, lots going on here and overseas. "markets now" continues in a moment. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ fem
brown drew a negative reaction when he was asked to name a model supreme court justice. >> justice kennedy. obviously very good and justice roberts. they are very qualified people. ashley: they will face off again next wednesday. the real clear politics polling average so far has him up by less than two points, a close race. a hollywood heartthrob falling out of love with president obama. ben affleck telling the associated press he had high hopes for then candidate barack obama in 2008 this is the president hasn't exactly lived up to his expectations saying i voted for obama last time although he got all things all people, now he's got a record which makes it nearly different. i obviously have more complicated feelings. he still expects obama to win but added he is more concerned the u.s. is on a permanent downtrend. this comes from the man who made this movie "gili." or the polls biased toward president obama? vice president joe biden putting his foot squarely in his mouth again. we will play the tape. and the "a-team" with so much more. all here next. and here they come. >> this
the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, the brand new owner of the cleveland browns to the james lambrick, host of lubrizol, the business warren buffett just bought. marsha pirro, president of cleveland indians. head of cleveland clinic. the list goes on. cleveland, open for business, all day long thursday. david: jody berg, vita-mix president and ceo. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. david: continued success. liz: see this film, a movie allows viewers to buy items right off the screen. dennis kneale joins us with the advertising game changing story. ♪ liz: the lead role played by target? yeah, target made its movie debut today. product placement meets online shopping. david: dennis kneale is here to fill us in. we're talking pretty big hollywood names, right? >> that's right. the film, falling for you, is marketing placement dream. stars kristin bell and show time's house of lies and icon photos of the products she uses and clothes she wear pop up in the right hand margin as you watch video. click on them and facebook friends and pinterest pals know you like the sweater and shower curtain
at $250. >>> governor jerry brown approved testing of google's self-driving cars on the road. >>> halloween is not just for kids. national retail federation says pet owners will spend $700 million for costumes on their animals. that is up 20% from last year. that is today's speed read. [buzzer] well -- got to wait for the bell. a new study says 55% of small business owners would not start a company today. those business owners say the president's regulatory policies have hurt their businesses and that's why they wouldn't go you there the rigmarole of starting a new one. danny romeroer is president and ceo of national federation of independent business. good to see you. i've seen these sort of surveys before in the past. i don't recall a time when 55%, a majority of the small businesses says they wouldn't do it again. is that new? >> it is new and i think it is a chilling number. if saying to entrepreneurs, risk-takers, now is not the time to invest, now is not the time to start a business and grow jobs, then our outlook for making the economy better and increasing jobs is pre
with a deal with the locked out refs. the real refs will take the field in baltimore tonight for the ravens-browns game. according to fox, the deal includes pay raises and pension guarantees for the officials. at the top of the hour, ten o'clock, nfl hall of fame quarterback fran tarkenton joins "varney & company," how much money did the refs get, exactly how much? of course, did they win? sure looks like it. please go to our facebook page and tell us what you think about the real refs coming back. do you think every call they make will be correct? what's the big deal? why did this grip america? follow us on facebook, we'll read some of your comments on the air next hour. smith electric, the latest green energy struggling if backed company. it's not making as many as it's supposed to. president obama was there and extolling the company and the government's role in it. and form mayor rudy guiliani joins us to talk about romney and taxes, is romney is good candidate? we'll ask him. and nokia and research in motion, the down side of apple's success. we'll follow them at the opening bell next
ovation at last night's browns-ravens game, but it's the refs that should be cheering. they ended up on the winning end of the deal. and mark lanier, ace attorney, is here. he did not represent the refs, did you? >> i did not represent the refs, they got an outstanding deal and my official prediction, within two weeks everybody will be booing the refs again. >> and mark, that call, that will be it. stuart: you are connected to the football world and do you wish to say anything about football? >> i am a jets fan, so, go jets. and sanchez and tim tebow, that's about it. >> and i've got, one second, a reading on the consumer confidence, university of michigan, this is a respected consumer confidence index and it's lower, a reading of 78 came in, and that's lower than expected. and that implies consumers are less confident no matter what the washington post says this morning, consumers are less confident and so down goes the market. we're now down 108 points. and here is a question. we've been asking, a lot. is mitt romney just too nice? does he need to go on the attack more? is he capa
and senator brown will exploit the problem the next couple weeks. stuart: she has the ongoing political problem of claiming minority status which got her a job as a harvard law professor on the ground she is a native american but she has not proven that. stuart: that could be a legal problem because -- [talking over each other] charles: high cheekbones isn't enough evidence? judge napolitano: if it is untrue it is fraud. stuart: grandmother's word isn't enough? judge napolitano: we are talking about a place where this gets you ahead. ethnicity get you ahead. i always thought in america we are supposed to be blind to these things and ethnicity get you ahead. it is not true. it is material misrepresentation intended to get someone to rely on it. that is called fraud. stuart: that is called your sense of humor. sarcasm. charles: [talking over each other] charles: warren. stuart: that is name-calling. i am surprised that you. she is a socialist. [talking over each other] charles: a socialist now. [talking over each other] judge napolitano: in federal court in boston. stuart: thank you very
. the officials returned to the field for the game between the baltimore ravens and cleveland browns and were greeted by a standing ovation from the fans. those are news headlines in the fox business network. get you back to tracy and ashley. tracy: arthel neville. thank you very much. ashley: underfunded pensions, rising health care cost, oh, yeah, the fiscal cliff, just some challenges states are grappling with right now. joining us for a look at the fiscal health of the states is david atkins, ceo of the council of state governments. david, thanks for joining us. my question to you is, do you get the sense there is some complacency out there about this fiscal cliff? oh, they will get it done in the end and states are not really taking the necessary preparations? >> that's right, ashley. certainly from the states perspective we get the feeling the federal government is involved in one of those nightmares many had in college and wake up on the day of the test and been enrolled in a course and never even attended it. there is sense of foreboding and great sense of complacency at the federal g
having given the green light in california. governor jerry brown fighting a bill to allow the cars on the road. governor from throat to google northern campus. he said today science fiction is tomorrow's reality. an update on a story brought to us we. sales design review board has approved amazon rain tower design for its new headquarter. huge panels of metal. it has been contested by residents. it was three-two. the biggest development model ever in downtown seattle. dennis: airlines are socking it to passengers with baggage fees. cheryl: let's take a look at today's winners and losers on the nasdaq. research in motion it is always a winner or a loser. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ cheryl: about one thousand people protested outside the united nations today as president mahmoud ahmadinejad made his last speech as president of iran. purport cheryl, this was a less fiery speech that many people may have expected from president mahmoud ahmadinejad of iran. nonetheless, he took aim at his usual target, israel and the united states. he once again accused the israelis of being "a fake
. dennis: capital senior john brown worked with margaret thatcher. why don't we just cut tax rates 80%? >> i think there is evidence to show that tax rates to increase activity. certainly with margaret immediately dropped the top rate and tax from 92% to 40%. to reduce the foreign exchange controls 20 overnight. this had a huge impact on people. she was also into the air -- deregulation. and incubation for smaller companies. in the bidding for the new contracts, she forbid two years british telecom to be in the bidding. a chance for the new high-tech companies to take off. it had a tremendous effect. she was always very clear. sometimes wrong, but never in dow. she gave us rarity. dennis: i am not sure we see anything like those old plants from either candidate. the uncertainty that you are talking about, actually, it is more just the certainty of taxes going up. >> well, yes. i think actually worse than that is the uncertainty. for some people down, for some people the same, for some people up. there is no direction. no clarity overtax, regulations, and it is no clear direction. very
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)